The foundation of AŞKALE Çimento Fabrikası was laid in 1968. It began running in 1971. It was purchased by ERÇİMSAN Company through privatization in 1993. The increase of market share and investments were switched on with the privatization. Firstly, the investment improvements were started in order to remove the cumbersome structure of the company. As a result of the small investments at a lots of units, Significant savings was occurred. The Factory, which started the 1st Capacity Increment Project in 1999, also started 2nd Capacity Increment Project in 2002. In 2003 the vertical mill was begun to work and the electro filter started to service. The new packing was started in 2004. The 2nd Clicker Production foundation was laid in 2006 and started to work the following year.  The clinker stockhole, preblending, breaker and cement mill bases was laid the same year.  The foundation for producing energy from waste heat gas was laid in 2010 and the  power plant began production in 2011.  The factory has OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 9001 Quality Magagement Systems. The factory, which has the EC Compliance Documents for CEM I 42,5 R, CEM II  A-M (P-LL) 42,5 R, CEM II  B-M  (P-LL) 42,5 N, CEM II  B-M (P-LL) 32,5 R and CEM IV/A(P) 42,5 N, keeps the  sensitivities about the environment at the highest level.