Gümüşhane Çimento Fabrikası was set up for preventing the unemployment in the region and revitalizing the economy of the province with the principal amount of 2 billion liras under the leadership of ÇİTOSAN on January 6th, 1988. The factory was attained a strong financial structure with the 42 billion liras principal amount increase. The factory was sold to Rumeli Holding by the decision of Privatization High Council. Gümüşhane Çimento Fabrikası was privatized for 3.5 billion dollars in 1996. Rumeli Holding, which purchased the factory, partially used it as cement packing. But the factory was put up for sale with the SDIF’s sequestration due to the company’s dept.  The factory was purchased by Aşkale Çimento in 2006 and began to work with investments made in 2009. The new line, which has 4 thousand tons of clinker production capacity and of which foundation was laid in October, 2011, began production. The annual cement production capacity was reached 1.760.000 tons with Gümüşhane Çimento’s new investment. The facility has  the EC Compliance Documents for CEM I 42,5 R, CEM II A-M (P-LL) 42,5 R and CEM II B-M (P-LL) 32,5 R products.  Gümüşhane Çimento Fabrikası has ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 documents.