The project of Trabzon Çimento Fabrikası was approved on 25.05.1964 and the construction of the factory was started  on 23.04.1965. The machinery and equipment of the factory was provided from the Humboldt Company in Germany. All of the steel structures and a part of machine components was made in Turkey. The rotary kiln was activated on 15.04.1967. The factory was located on east of Trabzon, on the Trabzon-Rize state highway Değirmendere site coast. At first it placed on a 77.861 meters square area. The factory was on a “subsidiary” status that connected to the General Directorate of Türkiye Çimento ve Toprak Sanayii TAŞ (ÇİTOSAN) until the date of 31.07.1991. Then 12796 shares of the factory which belong to ÇİTOSAN was transferred to Prime Ministry Public Partnership for privatization with Higher Planning Council’s decision No. 91/34 dated 31.07.1991. It was privatized by being sold to Rumeli Holding A.Ş. on 03.12.1992. After the İmar Bankası event, it was confiscated by the SDIF. Trabzon Çimento Fabrikası, which is put on sale by SDIF in 2005, was purchased by Aşkale Çimento with paying 81.250.000 dollars. After this purchasing, significant investments were made about the environment. The factory has EC Compliance Documents for CEM I 42,5 R, CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R, CEM II/A-M (P-LL) 42,5 R ve CEM II/B-M (P-LL) 32,5 R. The factory has ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 Management Systems.