VAN Cement
Van Çimento Fabrikası’s foundation was laid in 1967. The factory began running in 1969. The factory was managed by Çimento Sanayi Endüstrisi (ÇİTOSAN) between 1969-1996, Rumeli Holding (After the privatization progress) between 1996-2004, SDIF between 2004-2006, Orascom between 2006-2008 and Lafarge between 2008-2009. The factory, which was transferred to AŞKALE GRUBU from LAFARGE in early September 2009, continues its activities as Aşkale Van Çimento Fabrikası as of this date. In three years, 110 million dollar worth investment was made at the factory which was purchased by Aşkale Çimento. Two new cement mills was produced with the second production line. Van Çimento’s capacity seriously increased with dozens of investments like renewal of the conveyance systems, new crusher, travelling crane and steel silo. The factory, which produces CEM I 42,5 R , CEM II B-LL 32,5 R and CEM II A-LL 42,5 R cement,  made significant investments about the environment in the last years. The factory has ISO 9001 Total Quality Management System.