Quality Control
Physics lab performs sample taking at appropriate intervals to the quality plan from the points indicated in plant sample taking diagram, production flow diagram like cement bag or chemicals, coal (imported lignite, domestic lignite, and petroleum coke), adjusting entries (iron ore, bauxite, pyrite) with input materials like (raw and inflammable materials-limestone, clay, trans (pozzolan), which are purchased from reliable sources to the factory (approved suppliers) in accordance with the quality plans in the product stage, specifications and  instructions prepared in the scope of occupational health and safety management systems and TS EN 197-1 standards.
In chemistry labs we identify the chemical requirements that the TS EN 197-1 standards set forth during the conveying to the end user (customer), production and planning of the cement and clinker production. With this aim, in the light of the specifications (input, raw blending and final product) prepared in accordance with input, process and final product quality plans, chemical analysis (SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, Fe2O3, MgO, SO3, Cl, Na2O, K2O, sCaO)  is carried out within the instructions prepared according to cement chemical analysis standarts, TS EN 196-2 cement experiment methods to the samples taken by physics lab.  In this lab we such operations as blending designation in the blended cements, heating value, ash, volatile substance designation to coals, and size, dimension control to the other inputs ( cement bag etc) and saving the results both to the computers and analysis book are also carried out in this lab.      
                                CONCRETE LAB
In the concrete labs TS EN 196-7 mechanical tests such as taking samples from cement,  cement samples purchased, mill and mixer operations taken in accordance with preparing designation standards clinker samples prepared by grinding that has rotary kiln production, pozzolana that is to be pozzolaned and other mechanic tests for experiments are done. These tests are TS EN 196-1: according to Endurance Determination standards, standard consistence determination (need for water) early and standard determination of 2-28 days, TS EN 196-3: volumetric expansion and setting duration determination (start and end of freezing) and pozzolanic activity experiment. The results of lab are saved to the activity book and it is saved as a digital copy for statistical data