Mission and Vision

Our company which started operating in 1993 aims to develop and reinforce the collective spirit at the region and to have an effective position in the commercial area. Our leading position in Turkey’s cement sector is a reflection of our struggles. Of course, we are aware of our responsibilities in every work we do and every step we take. Our mission is integrated with our future, our people, our environment and our principles. We never forget and distinguish them. We proceed to bring a social, environmental, governance approach and work culture to the standarts accept by the world at our all plants and facilities. Our efforts add more value where ERÇİMSAN spirit reaches.

OUR VISION: We are struggling to raise the quality of the our community and to contribute for a safer and prosperous future. All the components which constitute us spend effort and energy to do this. It is important for us to contribute to our country’s social, environmental and economic development objectives. With all these facts guidance, we have serious targets and strategies about 2023. We believe that; our country’s impasses will be exceeded only with using the sources of raw material and production effectively. While doing these, it is indispensable for us to be environmentally friendly.