Quality Policy
Our company accepted the followings as the basic principles; to meet the customers' cement and clinker expectations at the highest quality level, to improve the establishment and employees' quality, health and safety in all activities.
For providing continuity and up-to-dateness of the principles;
·         The occupational health and safety legislations that bear on us and the current product standards will be provided and applied.
·         The terms of the establishments which we are a member of, will be complied.
·         The hazards will be determined, including the service purchasing,
the risks will be appraised, the risks will be checked, the hazards and harms will be prevented with taking the field and action components, near miss, risk reports from the employees,
 in all activities performed, 
·         All the inputs will be provided from the trustable resources to be suitable for product terms.
·         The products will be delivered to our customers on time, after the delivery the feedbacks (surveys, customer complaints) will be taken from the customers and appraised.  The necessary updated information will be given on the issues which bear on our customers.
·         The educations will be provided for continuity of the targets of our work's quality and safety management system and quality and occupational health.
·         The researches will be conducted inside and outside for accordance and continuity of the quality and occupational health and safety.
·         The required importance will be given to environmental safety by improving environmental awareness.  We guarantee that, the improvements will be made with the participation of our employees to increase activity and to keep the rules of the customer-oriented quality system which was set up for customer satisfaction and occupational health and safety system which was set up to  increase of occupational health and safety.